November Hotel Crush of the Month

The excitement I had to stay at the 1 Hotel was too hard to contain. I literally sprinted out of the office on Thursday evening and went straight to the hotel to check into my room. I did not make detours because all I wanted to do was flop on the massive bed and soak up the fresh smells of the 1 Hotel. You see, I say fresh smells because the entire hotel is made from re-purposed and natural materials and sprinkled with greenery in every corner. It is also very modern – I would say it is geared towards traveling millennials but not limited to this demographic. It also caters to the adventurer, the yogi, the nature lover, and also the luxury traveler.  The feeling you get when you stay at the 1 is similar to being in a peaceful oasis. Well, that was how I felt at least. I am simply in LOVE with this hotel. It recently just opened its grand doors (which are made of thousands of branches and twigs). Upon entering, the nicest front desk staff greets you and checks you in to your room then hands you a welcome present. The key for the hotel is a recycled circular piece of wood. Some say the rooms can be a little small, but for me, being only 1 person at a whopping height of 5 feet and 1 inch, it was the perfect space.  If you had a time lapse of the room it would have consisted of me lying on the bed , in the window alcove, standing in the all glass cubed shower, sitting on the ground, sitting in the chair, and milling around in the bathroom, for a straight 14 hours.

I loved every inch of my room. I felt so warm and cozy. The hotel was designed by nature. Everything is inspired by what is around us every day. This is why it feels and smells fresh when you walk inside. The hotel also uses as much natural light as they can, with giant windows all around the hotel. Some rooms have a view of central park which adds to the oasis feeling. You could step out of the nature and go right into nature again merely steps away. I had a city view which I really enjoyed because I could sit in the alcove and people watch. Even though it was a short stay, I wanted to experience it completely so I utilized the accommodations and worked out in the gym (which has the best state of the art work out equipment) and ordered room service from the hotel restaurant, Jams, which is an entity in of itself.  I ordered a delicious burger with the most amazing toasted bun and fresh French fries. I highly recommend this burger but then again, I am a burger girl. I definitely gobbled it up faster than I should have. The coolest part about room service was that I ordered it all from the smart phone on the bedside table. I also controlled the TV, lights, and texted the front desk from this smart phone. This system is actually becoming very common in luxury hotels. It is a lazy person’s (i.e. me) dream. The service at the 1 was perfect and accommodating. I was so relaxed staying at the 1.  My crush on this hotel is very real and I am thankful for getting to stay the night!  

We are not a brand, We are a cause.
— Barry Sternlicht CEO & Chairman of 1 Hotels

Posted on November 23, 2015 and filed under HOTEL CRUSH OF THE MONTH.