Hotel Crush: Troutbeck


It's crazy to think that just a 2-hour train ride from Grand Central Station lays a ponderer's oasis. Troutbeck, located in Amenia, New York might just be New York's best kept secret. With a Soho Farmhouse vibe, you'll be feeling like Thoreau and Hemingway staying here. Staying here is definitely a one of a kind charming experience. 

Troutbeck is the absolute perfect place for a weekend getaway. With the vibe of something like that of an artist colony you'll be relaxed and stress free. The relaxation aspect of this hotel doesn't take away from the activities and adventure that they offer. You can take a rigorous bike ride, do a hike, impress yourself by skeet shooting, or even go fishing. Bring out your inner designer and go antiquing in the next town over. You can even go skiing (during the winter) at Mohawk Mountain just 18 minutes away, or to Catamount Mountain just 40 minutes away. During the warmer months enjoy a nice tennis court and relax in the pool area. You should make it your business to stay during the summer so you can take attend their exclusive Summer Friday pool parties. To enjoy any of these activities, just inquire with the front desk. 

One of the perks at staying at Troutbeck is the unique rooms they have. Each one of their 36 rooms is designed differently each with its own color scheme and as a result its own vibe and feel. There are standard room options as well bigger four bedroom suites complete with a kitchenette and small dining room which is perfect for a family ski trip at Mohawk Mountain or Catamount Ski Area. All in all, each room is really a treat - some rooms are better than others, though, so call us to find the perfect fit for you. 

They have an excellent farm-to-table restuarant that'll have your mouth watering for days. 


At Troutbeck, the vibe and design is a part of the experience as much as the activities and dining. Interestingly enough, the Troutbeck was designed by Alexandra Champalimaud who also designed the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Waldorf Astoria, and much more. Champalimaud was going for a more organic look with this hotel and she actually went into her warehouse and designed the hotel with what random knickknacks she had collected over the years. The feel of the hotel is sophisticated yet laid back. While Troutbeck has that sort of feeling to it is also a place that's sort of its own vibe. At night the bar gets crowded and its a great scene. There is really no other nightlife in the area, so staying in Troutbeck allows you a front row seat to what nightlife there is.

While Troutbeck doesn't have a spa (although there is a wellness center in the works) they have an excellent masseuse that can come to your room upon request. To add to the relaxation, there are yoga and meditation classes in the Gallery Room which has original artwork on display. You'll feel rejuvenated after just one class!

To say it simply, Troutbeck is an underrated type of trendy. Its a great place for cool hipster millennial type. There's opportunities for many aesthetic photo ops. In other words, Troutbeck is the perfect place for the anti-Hamptons person. 

If I were you I'd start counting down to my next chance at a weekend getaway so you can experience all of the adventure and peace that is Troutbeck.

For more information on Troutbeck check out their website or contact us!

Posted on April 25, 2018 and filed under HOTEL CRUSH OF THE MONTH.