Joey Levy

After 15 years in finance, I am new to the travel industry, but not new to travel.  After a memorable recent trip to Italy, I decided to make my passion my career.  When traveling, I like to experience a destination as a local.  Meeting people is the highlight of any trip.  I specialize in luxury travel, active vacations and family travel.

I would love to instill in my three children my passion for travel and teach them to become global citizens.  When traveling, local cuisine is always tasted. On my most recent trip to Italy,  I was introduced to a Tuscan peasant soup called Papa Pomodoro.  It quickly became a staple meal in my house.  Australia and New Zealand have been two places that have been on the top of my bucket list for some time and I hope to have the opportunity to visit soon! 

What's in my bag? My carry-on plane essentials:

My nook & phone charger.