Julie Frederique


Julie Frederique is the Project Manager for our Celebrations division. With a background as a luxury travel agent, Julie has a long-standing love for travel and events. Her passion for logistics and guest management make her an expert at handling any situation that comes her way flawlessly.

Born and raised in New York and of Haitian descent; Julie has a genuine passion for learning and exploring new cultures. She has known since college that planning events is her calling and wants to continue to grow within the luxury travel industry. Julie’s motto is to live every day like it’s your last.

What's in my bag? My carry-on plane essentials:

When traveling, I always make sure to have my comb and brush so that my hair looks effortlessly flawless when I get off of the plane. I also love to have a good book, some new music to listen to and a scarf to cover my eyes when I take a nap. Other things that I never leave out of my carry-on are some clothes, just in case my bags get lost, and other toiletry essentials along with a portable charger.

At the moment...

Favorite food while traveling: Ever since the wedding we produced in Puglia, I am in love with seafood pasta!

I am super excited about: Getting to work on new events in destinations that I have never been to.

On my bucket list: A full-blown European tour. I have been to a few countries in Europe but I want to stop by every. single. country.

Favorite thing while traveling: I love to meet new people and speak with the locals. I always ask the locals or the hotel where the best bars, restaurants and night clubs are. I want to experience the place as if I lived there.