Kristiana Capati

Kristiana just returned to New York from a world tour living abroad in Germany, South Africa, Singapore and France. She is an enthusiastic travel mom who loves experiencing new cultures and discovering new places. This thirst to see the world was inherited from Filipino parents who were also bitten by the travel bug.

Kristiana began traveling at a young age, living in Pakistan and Israel as a child. The thrill of discovering new cultures always stuck with her, leading her to study abroad in Italy and Germany during her time at NYU.

Kristiana is passionate about planning trips. She will tailor every travel experience to your wishes, ensuring you the most personalized and amazing travel experience.


At the moment...

Best travel tip: Explore destinations at your own pace. Losing yourself in a new place lets you experience destinations to the fullest and appreciate your new surroundings. Racing to experience everything everyone else has told you won't allow you to savor the moment.

Favorite destination: South Africa. The combination of safari, the mountains, the sea, the wine lands, fresh food, and the natural beauty of the country makes for the perfect vacation destination. There is so much to offer all in one country!

Favorite food discovered on vacation: Filet americain in Lille, France. This delicious version of steak tartare is unique to the region and an all time favorite meal of mine!