Leo Sorcher


Currently a student at Brooklyn College, Leo is a Luxury Travel Concierge at Ovation Travel, and he couldn’t be more excited. Moving from Deal, NJ, to Brooklyn, New York, at an early age, Leo was always thrilled by the changing diversification that challenged him. The culture shift he experienced fascinated him, and Leo always dreamed of traveling the globe to see the different parts of the world.

When Leo isn’t dreaming about tropical islands, he is binge-watching his favorite TV shows or downloading the latest music (or both at the same time). Leo obsesses over dystopian books, his favorite being An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir.

We all have our dream trips that we are determined to go on once in our lives. Leo deeply hopes to someday visit the Maldives. Attracted to the exquisite beach bungalows located on the water, Leo has his dream trip planned out and ready to go. 

What's in my bag? My carry-on plane essentials:

Food would definitely come before all else (cookies and cream granola bars and spearmint gum), purell hand sanitizer, headphones (along with the latest music downloaded, of course), tissues, a book, & my student ID card (for those discounts).

At the moment...

Best travel tip: Over pack. Bring everything you think you’ll need, and you won’t regret it. Would you rather get stuck white water rafting in your brand new, white Adidas sneakers?

Favorite trip I have taken: Costa Rica. From zip lining in a rainforest to jet skiing with the dolphins, I’ll never forget that adventure.

Favorite food while abroad: Definitely sipping a coconut on the beach. What’s better than that?