Marielle Rishty

Born and raised in Deal, NJ, Marielle first learned of her passion for travel when studying abroad in Italy for the semester during her second year of college. Hopping around from city to city was just a preview of what was to come in her near future. Seeing the different cultures, tasting different foods, and meeting new people, was what immediately drew her in and left her wanting more. When Marielle is not traveling she enjoys playing sports and staying active. She is also a huge foodie and appreciates a nice bottle of wine!

Marielle strongly believes that traveling is one of the most unique pleasures a person can indulge themselves in. The experience of a new culture, whether in the company of a companion or not, can be the foundation of a new relationship with yourself through the immersion in the food, people, atmosphere you are discovering. 

Although it may sound like Marielle has visited a ton of places on the map, she has a long list of places she is hoping to see sometime in the near future. Her top three places on her bucket list are India, Australia, and Peru. If she could return back to one place she's visited in the past, it would be Florence, Italy because that was wear her love for travel started. It was where she met some of her friends she still has today, ate some of her best meals, drank some of the best wine, and where so many great memories and friendships were established. 

What's in my bag? My carry-on plane essentials:

Short flights: Big sweatshirt- MUST have a hood. I don’t like my hair touching the seats, Socks- if I’m wearing shoes without socks, then a pair of socks is a must. I like to be comfortable and warm JBottle of water and a bag of FLIPS chocolate covered pretzels- that’s my plane snack. Always! Gum- I don’t know why but for some reason I always find myself buying gum at the airport before any flight, iPhone/iPod for music, Portable iPhone charger, Chapstick, Book, Toothbrush and Hand sanitizer, Computer- although in 26 years I never found myself ever taking it out of the case. WiFi on the planes never work for me!

Overnight flights (in addition to short flights): Eden Rock eye mask, Neck pillow (if sitting in Coach), Face wash and make up, Bagels! Glasses- have to pop out them contacts on an overnight flight

At the moment...

Favorite thing while traveling: One of the best things to look forward to after getting off a long plane ride and a tiresome day of traveling, especially when you're in another time zone, is your bed! There is nothing like diving into a comfortable bed feeling as if you're sinking into a cloud.

Favorite food while traveling: Depending on where she is traveling to, Marielle is always excited about trying new foods based on what the specialty item that culture is known for. In Italy, a bowl of pasta and a glass of Chianti would be her top choice. In the Middle East, perhaps a Falafel sandwich, and when she eventually goes to India she's eager to try Chole (chickpea curry)!