Sonny Braha

Currently a student in Hillel Yeshiva High School, Sonny is interning for Ovation Travel this summer, and he has been loving it since day one. Coming from a small and quiet town in Deal, NJ, Sonny always had the eagerness to get out and explore the world. Sonny loves to learn new things about the different parts of the world, and hopes to take a lot out of being in such a great environment to do so.

During his free time, Sonny loves to play sports (especially baseball) and stay active. Sonny has a passion for the game and he hopes to pursue his dreams and play college baseball in the near future. When Sonny isn’t playing baseball, he is probably out running. Ever since his first half marathon in Disney World, Sonny has been hooked on running, and he hopes to complete a full Marathon one day.

The first destination on Sonny’s bucket list would definitely be Italy. Sonny is amazed on how Italy has so much to offer.  From visiting the Coliseum in Rome, spending the day out on the water in Capri, and getting a taste of the Italian food, sonny dreams of having the opportunity to take it all in.

What's in my bag? My carry-on plane essentials:

A big sweatshirt and sweatpants is a must on plane, especially because of how cold the plane can be, since getting comfortable on a plane ride is very important. Some other things I would bring would be headphones, phone charger, some snacks and drinks, definitely gum, and maybe something to read.