Yael Yussofov


Yael is an accounting student at Brooklyn College. She's excited to be part of such an amazing team, as accounting associate under Artisanal Experiences. Moving from Tel Aviv, Israel to Brooklyn, New York at an early age, she was always eager to get out and seek thrilling experiences all while working with numbers. She recognized her passion for travel while studying abroad for a semester in Greece and Turkey during her senior year of high school.  Ideally, she would love to travel the world, experience different cultures and study different complex economic systems.

What's in my bag? My carry-on plane essentials:

Laptop, headphones, gum! Travel-sized vitamins and medication, travel-sized amenity kit, sweatpants/hoodie, and hand sanitizer.

At the moment...

Currently on my bucket list: Cuba, Maldives and Australia.

Favorite aspect of traveling: Experiencing different cultures through the language, food, music and architecture.